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Bob Cusick

Bob Cusick, has been in the computer field since his college days at UCLA. Bob's past history includes being the original technical editor for FileMaker Pro Advisor Magazine, a founder member of the CSA (Claris Solutions Alliance), recipient of the first (and only) "Claris Fellowship" award for outstanding service to the FileMaker community. He founded Clickware in 1996 after working with Richard Klender as his partner at Working Solutionz, a FileMaker solution software firm since 1992.

He discovered the WWW "way back" in 1995, when it was still powered by "Archie and Veronica" and realized it would change the world. Quickly learning about the web and finding ways to integrate databases with this "new" technology, Bob became an instructor at the university level and a highly sought after speaker soon after.

Bob is one of the original founders of Servoy, a Java-based development and deployment environment that makes creating and deploying web and client/server interfaces into SQL databases a snap.

Bob is a frequent conference speaker and trainer having spoken at conferences, user groups and trade shows all around the world - London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto and through out the United States. Bob continues to work, train and speak for some of the world's largest firms while pursuing his love of mixing computers and business with the occasional gin and tonic.

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